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Friday January 19, 2018
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  • Closed Spread Trade Opportunities for review
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  • Online support by phone or by Skype
  • Continuing education using the most recent trades

Key benefits as a member of Daily Journal

Just Spreads uses classic bar chart analysis to indentify triggers (to enter or exit) based on various forms of price rejection such as double tops/bottoms and reversals along with swing line measurements to optimise entry and exit levels. The seasonal time frame provides an expectation but is only a suggestion. In many instances, Just Spreads enters a trade well before or after a suggested seasonal entry date and suggests profit targets well before the seasonal exit date. Too many advisory firms rely solely on these seasonal dates (to enter or exit) and will recommend adding to a position that is already losing equity.

Just Spreads uses only exchange-listed spread commodity contracts. This means easy access, smoother trends, lower risk and margin and requires far less capital than other futures spreads. This allows for diversification of trade selection across several commodity sectors. As a result, the psychological impact on cutting non-performing trades is reduced and focus on optimizing a profitable trade is increased.

You will receive daily updated charts (located in the member's section) for past trades and you can choose to use the eSignal OnDemand charting package from Interactive Data at a cost of $1.50 AUD per day http://www.esignal.com. Just Spreads uses these same charts from eSignal. Just Spreads will provide all the spread codes for the charts and general assistance – Just ask!

There are helpful trade management suggestions from past spread trades in the Daily Newsletter with updates, upcoming events, education, mentoring (by phone or by Skype) and market feedback. Just ask and we can chat.

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All sales are final and no partial refunds. Order 1 year subscription and save $240.
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