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Just Spreads Articles
Friday January 19, 2018
Just Spreads Articles
Written Exclusively For Just Spreads.

Discover Your Comfort Zone

Too many people side step the emotional and psychological aspects of trading. So before you undertake a trading approach like spread trading, you will need to develop a trading mentality.

Advantages of Spread Trading - An Overview

Spreads on futures normally require lower margins than most other forms of futures trading, and can be even lower than the margin requirements for option trading.

Tis the “Season” in Agricultural Futures Markets

Here are some valuable “take-away” pieces that expand our understanding of seasonal patterns for grains, meats and soft commodities.

Trading with a One Lot

I have only $5,000, which is a small amount for a trading account. I want to trade multiple positions and was wondering what do you recommend?

The Top 5 mistakes beginning traders make

This is true for beginners (in particular) and for traders who ‘leave the groove’ and fall into a rut. The human condition is fascinating to observe because we are vulnerable to ‘noise’ and distractions much like a moth in a lit chandelier...

Time, Price and Seasonality

The trade suggestions in Just Spreads have two key components – time and price. In regards to the time component this sometimes has a seasonal time window for a suggested entry and exit.

Staying the Course

Many beginning traders undergo emotional extremes, feeling sheer ecstasy after a win, but crushing disappointment after a loss. However, as a mature trader you grow to realize the folly of allowing the natural ups and downs of trading to impact your emotions.

Trading Opportunity In Natural Gas

Just Spreads suggests selling the December 11 / (buying) March 12 calendar spread in Natural Gas as North America goes into its winter period. This spread trade has been profitable 14 of the last 15 years when entered in early October and exited in early November.


In the June/July issue of AHA we provided a detailed look at an investment or trading strategy called spread trading. Here we challenged the traditional strategy of “buy and hold” with a more sophisticated approach whereby no cash purchase of either metal is actually made nor did we need to have an outright view of whether either metal was going up or down in value...

A New Year for Spread Trading

Spread trading in futures markets does not get a lot of attention among retail traders. However, many experienced traders do employ this method of trading because it can be less risky and less expensive than trading straight futures contracts.... read more...

Trading US Markets from Australia

There is no "best way" to enter or exit spread trades. This can only be done "your way" which has to be within your comfort zone. This is why I use and recommend Exchange-Listed Calendar spreads for easy access, less cost and there is no temptation to leave a leg open...

Keeping Your Edge

Trading seasonal spreads still requires trade management beyond an entry and exit date. This is important (key) to keeping profits, minimizing losses and preserving your equity. The idea that history repeats itself is the mantra to seasonal trading regardless of...


Optimizing a Seasonal Time Frame

Seasonal spread recommendations give us a time window to enter and exit a trade e.g. February 27 to April 1...

Losing a battle doesn't mean you’ve lost the war…

This is the case for trading and for every trade you make. In fact winning a battle means another day to continue the challenge or war we call trading.



The Fear in All of Us

We all need to read something about trading beyond charts, fundamentals and trading plans to keep us in a groove. One of my favorite bits of trading advice is by Jesse Livermore:

Entering and exiting calendar spreads with seasonal time frames and non-seasonal

Whether you are spread trading using a seasonal time frame or without a seasonal time frame you have the (built-in) benefits based on the merits of spread trading i.e. you generally have reduced volatility, lower margins and the tendency to be range-bound to that of outright positions.

A Look at Yourself   

In investing, the return you want depends on whether you want to eat well or sleep well. A quote from J. Kenfield Morley

I will put a few words to this quote as it is something we all have to come to terms with; without discipline and rigorous attention to detail, you will not be able to trade successfully.

Spread Trading – The Alternative Trading Strategy

Spread trading has been around since markets and exchanges were first developed. Exchanges and their markets were designed not for speculation but to transfer risk from one party to another...

Today’s Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is defined as an investment that is not one of the three traditional or standard asset classes i.e. stocks, bonds and cash...


Remember the edge... the reason most will read this short article is due to your interest in understanding the reasons and advantages behind trading just calendar spreads Just what is it that separates it from all other forms of specul ative trading?  Full article
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The Alternative Trading Strategy

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