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Friday January 19, 2018

Thanks for presenting your seminar. It really expanded my risk tolerance and boosted my confidence. I will recommend (Just Spreads) spread trading to others.  signed, Mike S.


I have been trading seasonals with Just Spreads for nearly 2 years. Whilst seasonals give you an edge in the market, the entry and exits are critical in turning this edge into profit. I have found Jay's analysis of the markets, guidance and recommendations invaluable in achieving profitability. Peter R.


I have been a full-time spread trader for over 10 years - I learned how to spread trade from Jay using the same spreads in Just Spreads. Signed, Luke W.

I studied the Just Spreads homepage in detail and I liked what I saw and read. As a chemist it is my nature to be risk-averse ....therefore spread trading is interesting and suits my lifestyle and financial objectives.  Signed U. F.


As an equity trader and investor, I’ve been intrigued with the futures market.  After several trials and trading different systems, strategies and time frames, I found the material and specifically Jay’s guidance through “Just Spreads” refreshing, insightful and a good fit.  It is rare indeed to have a professional trader like Jay willing to teach and guide traders in this interesting and time proven strategy. - David M.


Hi Jay,

As the NLV (Net Liquid Value) of the calendar spread trading account has just broken through $10 000 I felt it appropriate to drop you a line and say thanks for your support and guidance since I commenced live trading back in the beginning of October 2012.

As you are aware my trading trust commenced calendar spread trading with a rather small amount of capital ($5,300). You did advise me that trading with such small capital would be more of a learning journey than an income producer. It was against that background that I gingerly commenced trading and had no idea where it would lead. Seeing the NLV of my account break through the $10 000 mark is very encouraging. As you know I am not new to trading and have had various success and failures at trading options, forex and futures. One advantage of calendar spreads for me is they are a hedged trade and hence have an inherent risk management, almost being range bound. It this security I believe that appeals to me. Any good trading strategy wants to be boring as watching paint dry as that helps to keep our emotions in check. And trading calendar spreads on futures definitely falls into that category.


I have been extremely grateful for your ongoing willingness to provide one-on-one coaching via both email and skype. You are always been willing to share your knowledge and skill in the business and answer any questions. This along with your open honesty when overseeing accounting activity is most appreciated. - Paul G.

Please note that we strive to service the needs of all our clients and that the testimonials below are an indication of the experience these clients have had with us. No guarantee is being made that your experience will be the same.

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